Iva Ousterhout's famous chicken dinners have been served since 1938. She originally prepared her chicken dinners for oil-rig workers who rented rooms from her in the mid 1900s. Word-of-mouth traveled fast and others soon wanted to enjoy her meals. Over the years, the restaurant has had three kitchens built along with many other additions to accommodate an ever increasing number of patrons. Although Iva is no longer preparing the meals, the restaurant is now on its fourth generation of family ownership.  Iva's niece Monica King along with her husband Gene took over in 1983 and ran the restaurant until 2011. Monica and Gene's son Kevin and his wife Natalee along with their five children continued the tradition until 2023. Now, Kevin and Natalee's son Liam is enjoying the challenge of carrying on the tradition of Iva's Chicken Dinners.

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